Quintelic is a progressive and committed service provider who supports mid-, to large sized corporations and governmental entities in their sourcing, design & provision of sensor systems for critical infrastructure, perimeter-, and border security related systems.

Quintelic supports our customers through market analysis, product bench-marking, portfolio assessment, business development, product management and strategic product planning.

Who We Are

Quintelic started out in 2011 as a technical management consulting company... read more

Success Factors

Quintelic assures a successful collaboration through direct communication... read more

Added Value, Clients:

Quintelic is independent, knows the world sensor market and its suppliers... read more

Added Value, Vendors:

Quintelic presents qualified Vendor products to a vast Client network of decision makers... read more

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Our Valued Product Vendors & Partners

Quintelic is proud to present below a sample of engaged sensor Providers and strategic Partners:

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